Incorporated in 2016, Zilong (S) Pte. Ltd. is an international tobacco company with its head office registered in Singapore. Comprised of a professional team with over 20 years of tobacco industry experience, we are committed to developing high quality heated tobacco products to replace traditional tobacco, with the aim to enable smokers to enjoy smoking without being harmed by cigarette fumes. 
  • 2021+
    production began
  • 20+
    years of experience in tobacco industry
  • 40+
    registered patents
  • 16+
    research team members
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Zilong is committed to continuous innovation and development of novel tobacco products to deliver to adult smokers around the world better smoking alternatives.
All MARSKISS products come with a unique patented packaging design which is easy to open and close. The packaging material is completely degradable under natural environmental conditions leaving no pollutants. Our packaging is the most environmental friendly amongst all the available heated tobacco products in the market.
This is another patented packaging that adopts a complete-seal technology used in pharmaceutical products. The casing is waterproof and dustproof, keeping the tobacco sticks in its full flavour for a long time without running the risk of being exposed to humidity and dry environments. This form of packaging is easy to carry and store, and more importantly, it allows the tobacco sticks to be protected from being damaged and losing its flavour.
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Our professional team will work their best to deliver the best products and we are here to listen and recruit. Your comments matter a lot. Tell us what you think of our products and you are most welcome to join us. With you, we can build a bigger and better team.